Dewar Central

Dewar Central is an ecommerce store specializing in the sale of liquid nitrogen dewars. The company was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing researchers, laboratories, and institutions with high-quality, reliable dewars at competitive prices.

Company Overview

Dewar Central is a leading provider of high-quality liquid nitrogen storage containers. The company has been serving the scientific and industrial communities for years, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of its customers. With the growing demand for liquid nitrogen, Dewar Central recognized the need to enhance its online presence and streamline its sales process. In this case study, we’ll explore the challenges faced by Dewar Central, the solution we offered, and the results achieved.

The challenges faced by Dewar Central in terms of online sales

Dewar Central’s outdated website and limited product information made it difficult for customers to find the information they needed and purchase products online. This resulted in lost sales and frustrated customers. Additionally, the inefficient order processing system made it difficult for customers to place and track their orders, leading to further dissatisfaction. Finally, the lack of customer feedback mechanisms made it difficult for Dewar Central to gather insights and make improvements to its products and services.

Outdated Website

Dewar Central’s website was outdated and lacked the functionality and user-friendliness required for a successful e-commerce platform.

Limited Product Information

The product information available on the website was limited and difficult to navigate, making it difficult for customers to find the information they needed to make informed purchasing decisions.

Inefficient Order Processing

The order processing system was cumbersome and time-consuming, making it difficult for customers to place and track their orders.

Lack of Customer Feedback

There was a lack of customer feedback mechanisms in place, making it difficult for Dewar Central to gather insights and make improvements to its products and services.

The steps taken to overcome the challenges

To overcome the challenges faced by Dewar Central, we first conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s online sales process. We then worked closely with the team at Dewar Central to understand their needs and goals. Based on this information, we developed a comprehensive plan to improve the online sales process and enhance the customer experience. This included redesigning the website, streamlining the order processing system, implementing customer feedback mechanisms, and integrating technology to make the process more efficient.

Redesigned Website

We redesigned Dewar Central’s website to be more user-friendly and functional, with improved product information and easy-to-use navigation.

Streamlined Order Processing

We streamlined the order processing system, making it easier for customers to place and track their orders.

Customer Feedback Mechanisms

We implemented customer feedback mechanisms, such as online reviews and surveys, to gather insights and make improvements to Dewar Central’s products and services.

Integration of Technology

We integrated technology, such as automated email notifications and real-time inventory updates, to make the online sales process more efficient and seamless.

The Result

Increased traffic

With the new and improved website, Dewar Central saw a significant increase in traffic, both in terms of unique visitors and overall visits. The website's user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation made it easier for potential customers to find the information they needed and make informed decisions.

Improved customer satisfaction

The new website also improved customer satisfaction by providing a seamless user experience. With clear information about the different Dewar products, their uses, and pricing, customers were able to make informed decisions with ease. Additionally, the customer service section of the website, including a FAQ and live chat, helped address any concerns or questions customers may have had.

Boosted online sales

As a result of the increased traffic and improved customer satisfaction, Dewar Central saw a boost in online sales. The new website's optimized checkout process, secure payment options, and clear product descriptions helped drive sales and increase conversion rates.

Competitive advantage

By offering a modern, user-friendly website, Dewar Central has set itself apart from its competitors and gained a competitive advantage in the liquid nitrogen storage market. The website's focus on customer education and satisfaction helps position Dewar Central as a trusted leader in the industry.


Dewar Central’s new and improved website has had a significant impact on the company’s online sales and customer satisfaction. By addressing the challenges faced in terms of online sales, the website has become a valuable asset for the company and has set them apart from their competitors. The results of the website development project demonstrate the value of investing in a modern, user-friendly website and the importance of considering the needs and wants of the target audience.